Howard County Warriors

Courage, Commitment, Character


Coaches Training:  We will be using the 3D approach to coaching.

Safety:  This is a major focus with our program.

  • We will be using the methodology employed professional football teams in which the head is removed from tackling. Tackling is made by the shoulder, thus becomes very safe because the contact is with the shoulder pads.
  • We will minimize full contact during the week, thus reducing potential for injury.  We will spend more time on proper technique helping athletes develop the fundamentals.
  • All coaches will be trained in First Aid, CPR, and Concussion Awareness
  • We are purchasing brand new helmets
  • Safety First -The well being of your child is far more important than winning football games.

Our Age Groups and Weights

2017 Football Season


Division: 12U
Age:  12 yrs old as of July 31, 2017
Max. Unrestricted Weight: 145 lbs
Red Stripe Players: unlimited

Division 14U

Age 13 – 14 as of July 31, 2017

Weight – Unlimited at all positions

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